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This Is Michele

Michele is a writer, her life is written on the pages she shares with the world. Her writing style is reminiscent of Cheryl Strayed, with the romantic simplicity of Jack Kerouac. Vulnerability is her greatest tool as she writes of grieving the death of her father and of traveling to exotic places as a child. She tells of a complex family, with love and heartache woven in the threads of a life still unfolding.

She writes of heartbreak, love and loss and finding herself again. She writes of embracing the wild hearted woman that she is. Michele lives a life she has created for herself, and through her writing urges others to live more wild, more free, she refuses to believe you have to conform to succeed and pushes the boundaries of what a life well lived should look like. She believes her fire makes those around her shine even brighter.

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Michele would love to come speak at your conference, retreat, or event. The power and passion of her message is like no other and will be one that you won’t soon forget.

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